Monochrome Morning

Dawn breaks
Bleeding red
Into snowflake clouds

I open my eyes
A canvas of white
Painted with winter’s brush

Strokes of innocence
Virgin snow
Untouched and pure

Frosty fingers laces the windowpane
Delicate, intricate
Touching and vulnerable

Succumb to the silence
Before the world awakens
Erasing nature’s masterpiece

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About Suzanne Parlee

I have been writing poetry since I was a little girl. Now an adult I find such comfort in words, in books, and the written word in general. I am from New Brunswick, Canada, a province surrounded by The Bay Of Fundy, and The Saint John River, only one hour's drive from the Maine/USA border. Beautiful province!

4 thoughts on “Monochrome Morning

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    The plaintive allusions,” Painted with Winter’s brush”,”virgin snow”,”masterpiece” certainly recalled the timeless classic,”Vincent” by Don McLean. Songs without music are poems and likwise,a guitar to accompany this would morph it into a song.

  2. suzanne parlee

    Starry starry night, yes…lovely song. 🙂 Thank you Louis for your wonderful comment, so nice to write and have it appreciated.


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