Mighty Life

Life stares at me

With a blunt expression on its face

Seeming to scrutinize me

Seeming to enjoy my confused stature

Seeming to say

You deserve the misery imposed on you

You deserve it


Else, you would never have been

Here, among the fallen!


Pray, I can only stare back at life

With a most submissive stature

Life, I do allow it

To play on the chords of my soul

Its sad and tumultuous tunes

Why, even if fallen

I am alive

Being alive, requires me

To love life

To love it, yes

And to live it loud!


Pray, to it I shall always react

For a mysterious being am I

Made of emotions, of consciousness

And of existence

Yes, shall I do as it wills me to

For a body do I carry

A body laden with a set of duties

According to the composition of society

And of course, I shall go there where it leads me

For I am, in the end,

But a particle of dust

So light, so insignificant

Easily blown by the winds of life

The winds, seeming to be controlled

By the powerful might of fate!


Life stares at me

And I wish, I wish

I could unveil it

Yes, unmasked,

It would be so vulnerable

So vulnerable that it would have

Ceased to stare at me so bluntly

Yet, for now,

I can only kneel in front of it

Open my palms and accept

The burden of my dues!

3 thoughts on “Mighty Life

  1. suzette portes san jose

    life is a gift but mighty as it is, they rule our whole self…everything within and around us…but life comes along with Will the power of the mind… choices complement everything concealed in our journey as we live our life… very appealing write my dear 🙂

  2. Louis Kasatkin

    An engaging and contemplative work.

    ( Editorial Note for the benefit of the author :- )
    Whilst enjoying a good piece of work, the reader is nevertheless distracted by the poem’s appearance on the page with an overly long third stanza that jars with the consistency and discipline of the first two and final stanzas.The tendency to resort to ” but ” ” and ” also remains to be addressed.Poetry is not creative writing.


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