Midnight crows



When the crow sits on a “vazhakkai” and cry
Elders at home will tell ‘some visitor is on the way”
When the crow sits on “thengu” and kurukuru
Elders at home will tell “someone is going to be sick”
But yesterday the crows cawed in the midnight
And I couldn’t remember anything of the elders’ talk about it
And this day too is the same as yesterday
Only the crows are still around cawing from hither and tither
And I noticed them cawing than any other day
There are not many “vazha” or “thengu” in these concrete jungles now
Only lamp posts and sunshades of high-rise buildings
And umpteen number of cables of all channel distributors
Vaulting the roads and streets
I am confused at how to understand these crow cawing now
And I am at a loss about how to interpret them to my kids
That they may do the same to their kids (may be in a crow-less future)
Especially this midnight cawing
Were they listening to the moon reciting the eclipse poems(!)
And felt threatened by that – a white thing ruling the dark night (!)
But I love to believe that the crow doesn’t know it is black
And it was enjoying the cool air and was actually temped to fly
As it was a well moonlit night
For it, the moon is just the moon and it is simply a crow
For me too – moon is just the moon and crow is simply the crow
But I know one thing that the black crow is a gentle thing
Unlike the sweet singing red-eyed black koel
Who hypnotizes the world with its sweet voice
And secretly lays eggs in the black crow’s nest
Leaving them to get hatched by the crow
Both are black but the difference is well known
Crow is still gentle that it will not kill the other chick
And the crow is still gentle, Yeah! … The crow is still gentle I must say.
And in midnight, I guess, the crows were simply sleepless and talking
I do not know anything else to think about it


* vazhakkai – banana leaf
*thengu – coconut tree

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    1. Sarala Ramkamal Post author

      Thank you … twisting the meaning of our scriptures and black and white have a lot of saying in our world … I afraid it is going a bit more now the day here 🙂

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