Metropolitan Ennui – June 24,2016

On the retro-style barstools along the windows,

millenials garbed in their faux-assemblage

of the hat,faded cargo pants and designer leather

sit staring at their i-phones or just gazing

out into the drizzling rain,

holding large artisanal coffee cups between their hands,

wondering if they had chosen;

the right subject at university,

the right designer sofa,

the right partner,

the right football team,

or the right european city

in which to realise their predestined aspirations;

they intend to go on as if everything is as before

whilst in the corner an authentic 60’s jukebox

plays their parents’ songs and

everything is not as before..


June 24 2016 was the day after the UK voted to Leave the european union.

3 thoughts on “Metropolitan Ennui – June 24,2016

  1. VijayNair

    An excellent ”capture” of an important lifestyle changing moment in the lives of the Brits.A sharp ,discerning eye/I.

  2. lokesh roy

    One of the best works of Louis Kasatkin ! Creative and imaginative at it’s poetic best . A must for the discerning reader.


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