message – undeciphered

The blossoms and the leaves
Glistening with recent rain
The cool breeze blend with
The musical notes of few stray birds
And above all the deafening silence
In the classroom….

An unheard song in distance
Craves the company of my heart
A faint picture of the man
I adored in my childhood
Appeared on the canvas
Of my mind….

As I closed my eyes to view
More distinct the picture grew
The enchanting smile and deep eyes
Eager to speak to mine
Cleared the passage of my ear
Strained more to identify
The syllables evaporating in the air

I was losing my nerve
Desperate I grew to decipher the message
All of a sudden ….. I felt a soft touch
And heard the girls shout gleefully
I stiffened a bit and checked
The surrounding…..

The bell rang
And all were leaving
Unwillingly I too left the room
Leaving behind those
Syllables …those words ..undeciphered

I see Autumn within
And Spring around…..

4 thoughts on “message – undeciphered

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    A very artful poem that plays with the reader’s perceptions. Is the narrative voice sharing or merely recounting a daydream or oscillating somewhere in between ? A pleasant divertissement.

  2. Kuchibhotla Sarada Post author

    It is my personal experience shared. Every time I think of my late father, I try to recollect and understand what he tried to tell me when he was on his death bed. And every time ‘ it onky remains an unknown message to me.

    Thank you very much ….:-)


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