Memories, when they haunt you,

Don’t resent.

And don’t drive them away.

If you do,

They’ll come back to you like boomerangs.

Instead, allow them to pass through you,

Let them cause that sting,

That spasm of pain,

And that pinch of uncertainty of life.

But, as time passes,

See them gradually losing the venom,

And the aches becoming much less painful,

Not because you have grown resistant;

But because they have lost their resolve.

And one day,

You can tear them away,

Like the dried skin over a healed wound.

But for that to happen,

Give them time.

Let the cuts dry.

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About Prabha Prakash

I am a CA, who loves words more than numbers. My first collection of poetry, “Lost Monsoon” is set to be released by Writers Workshop, Kolkata. I blog at and also write for Times of India blogs. My poems have been published in reputed magazines. I firmly believe that penning ideas on paper has helped me retain the warmth within myself and to keep moving forward with a ray of hope. I can be reached @

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  1. Martin Platts

    I enjoyed your poem we all have so many memories. Most times I look forward but just occasionally like a photo album I indulge myself. Thanks!

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