Memorial at Ostend

The Seagull swoops theatrically ,

alighting onto the supporting stanchion ;

” Canada Remembers ” is affixed to

that railing where the Seagull now

stares off into the middle distance ,

perhaps at the Ferry from Dover inching

its way toward the harbour ;

calmer waters to-day unlike then ,

when they caused Canada to remember ;

” Banleda ,Bond ,Brown , Brush ,Byrne ,Cathcart ..”

twenty-six in all alphabetically tabulated ,

their five Motor Torpedo Boats numerically so ,

459 ,461 ,462 ,465 ,466 ;

We remember them now

amid all the firestorms that year

lost in the accidental fire and explosions

on Fourteenth February ,Nineteen-Forty Five

here in Ostend harbour ;

back then too a seagull swooped

theatrically alighting on the same stanchion ,

and had stared out to sea unaware

that Canada would be given cause

to remember and remember still .

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