It may be anything

A sprawling bunglow

Or a limousine

It may be eden garden

Yet , it is meaningless

Without your stupid enough ways

Which I love more than anything !

I love you for what you are

Not what you should be

Yes, you made me what I am

Today and forever

Being by my side

Whether heaven or hell

They lending a meaning

To everything

But for which,it is all


8 thoughts on “Meaningless

    1. lokesh roy Post author

      While wishing you the very best that the new year has to offer I must acknowledge with thanks the unstinted support you have given throughout.

  1. Nalini Srivastava

    Lokesh I found your poem in varied shades,sweet,love filled,doting and contemplative.Without the silly yet adorable ways of a beloved ,the life truly becomes meaningless.Well expressed

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