Maria Alvarez :-Scenes from an Undistinguished Life

Maria Alvarez embroidered her
life with meticulous detail,
consistent in her affectations
she accumulated the outward
appearance of savoir-faire;
her aspirations,unfulfilled
and unfulfillable,lent their
careless trajectory to her life;
whenever vicissitudes threatened,
a laconic smile and something
of hubris at the corner of the mouth
would sustain her amid the disillusionment;
such was the order of her life
until the careless trajectory
of a point three-two bullet
bisected her spouse’s slumbering frame,
setting her free from the borrowed melancholy
in which she had sought refuge
from joy,uncertainty and herself.



2 thoughts on “Maria Alvarez :-Scenes from an Undistinguished Life

    1. Louis Kasatkin Post author

      Thank you Madhumita for your generous comments. I greatly value and appreciate the opinions and observations of all the many truly gifted poets who participate on this site!


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