Marching on

Lift up your legs

Walk, face the shadows

Those behind which life’s smiles hide themselves!


Yes, straighten your shoulders

And walk on

Keep your palms open though

Alms shall be thrust upon them

Alms meant to be treasured as if they were gold coins!


But, pray, do walk on

As if your soul depended upon it

Do walk on

And do forget not to appreciate

The beauty of the surroundings

Appreciate the humility that you shall come across

Forgive the arrogance that shall thrust its sword into your heart

Love the loving heart that shall shine for you

Hold the hand of the friendship that shall walk with you

Dance to the beats of the kindness that shall throw its concert for you

Play on the instruments of honesty with a zeal that shall outshine the sun’s glare

Yes, do walk on

But do remain an open recipient

To the positive side of life

Remember that all roads lead to a specific destination

And that we are all marching towards it

What matters and what shall matter solely

Is having walked with high spirits!

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