March with multi-coloured feather-cap


March with multi-coloured feather-cap

Lo! March marched fast in to April
Riot of colours in its feather-cap
April to consume its rhymes and rhythms

Laying forth in lines one colour after another
With the tips of my dreaming eyes
I tried to write a poem of colours

But colours laid themselves forth in lines,
Procuring places, falling one after the other
As if oozing down from the rainbow

Yellow was bright and the sun too
Blue was but bit pale as quietude trembled in heat
Restlessness, discomfort smudged human face

Green was shining for life never stops smiling
I wish I had green blood to camouflage me
When I am wounded as the trees never bled red

Red sang loudly, the petals winged proudly
Energy flowed smoothly through big and small
Yet I know red hid scarlet sins in the rude veins

I didn’t scan the lines to put ictus and breve
The syllable-count or the nature had no place in colours
For they sang stridently their own tunes

I didn’t worry to see any isms in the prosody
Synonymous or synthetic or antithetical or climactic
But there was a parallelism with my beating heart

I didn’t paraphrase any comely talk
But the talk was on with my being
While the life thrived within me

The colours had the tongue of nature
They weave the finest expressions into poems
Lo! March marched with multi-coloured feather-cap


(March had holi but we lost few poet friends too.. palate of life is always like this.. )

Pic taken few months back (my own garden)

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