The river water flows submissively on its chosen course
Flowers dance to the tunes of the winds
And the entire mass of forest lands
Breathe in and out as per their created limits!

And I,
Can only sit and let my tears flow
As life as have been willed upon me
Remains harsh
And love as have been chosen for me
Remains aloof!

Pray, I had initially sought out the peace
Of ceasing to existing
Such would have been to me
As melting as are violin tunes
When played they are on a mystical note!

But it would seem that my soul has not suffered enough
It would seem that its previous sins
Are too burdensome
As to have me granted my own personal key
To that realm which is home to those subtle powers
Governing me
There where living remains unconceivable to the human mind!

I wish I could be like the river, like the flowers
Like the mass of rainforests
I wish I could be strong enough to endure it all
But I remain as fragile as is moist sand
And Life keeps trampling on me
From all sides,
Breaking me back into what I was once,
A mere piece of shattered mess,
A sinful being, a burden,
A lump of mud,
Meant not to be given any sort of worth!

Pray, I hold on to existing
As such is what I am expected to do
Waiting, thirsting, pining,
For when that which has been promised to me
By those subtle powers,
To manifest itself
Thereby giving me another reason
To celebrate the might of the Gods
With enough verve in me
As to move the whole cosmos to tears!

I am not river water,
I am not flower
I am made of a beating heart,
Of sensitivity and of fragility
The agony of my fate hurts me
And I, for one,
Find it hard to accept everything
That has been chosen for me!

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