( 26 December 1705 AD )

( Deibhidhe )

Night, need for rest
In a scrub forest
The wounded heart
The smart , death’s dart

His pillow rough stone
Tired to the bone
Asleep the King lies
Moonrise softly spies

Emperor of hearts
Tomorrow departs
For kingdoms far
A star aches afar

Horsemen in blue
Ride up to renew
Faithful vows
Deep bows bent brows

Tomorrow he rides
Atop their strides
A blue clad Emir
Or Faqir, pure Pir


( The Irish Gaelic Deibhidhe form consists of rhyming quatrains of 7 syllable lines with some other restrictions as well . In this verse form, each stanza has 4 lines of 7 syllables each, rhyming aabb, and both of these rhymes are deibide rhymes i.e. in the first line of each rhyming pair, the rhyming syllable is stressed, and in the second it is unstressed.

The form also demands an aicill rhyme between lines 3 and 4 i.e. the word at the end of line 3 rhymes with a word somewhere in the middle of line 4. Finally, there must be alliteration between the last word of each stanza and the preceding stressed word (as quaggy quicksand, welcome windfall above). This amounts to a lot of constraints for the fourth line to satisfy in the space of only 7 syllables.

The form is a tough one but seems very suitable for the telling of heroic tales )

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