Lyrics of Life.

The ambiguous ways of gentle life
Crying and smiling we survive.
Served are some, on silver platter
While some see their dreams shatter.

Life ,to some gives choices galore
It’s up to them to take or ignore.
Nectar hidden in petal bowls
Or venom hidden in toothed holes.

Life, corners some with numerous woes
No options but to bear the throes.
Yet, end the day with a thankful smile
For a grateful heart has no thoughts hostile.

The sanguine sun has to hide at night
For the moon to show its silvery light .
Extols and parables seem sometimes fake,
When to build one , the other breaks.

Ah yes! The callous ways of gentle life,
Where pain and sadness are rife.
Glorifying those that brag and boast.
Hurting the heart that cares the most.

Copyright © Bilquis Fatima

6 thoughts on “Lyrics of Life.

  1. amitapaul

    A profound and beautiful reflection on life, this poem also carries a note of pathos entwined with acceptance of the ups and downs of fate

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