Luke 24:13:-The Prequel

Seeking rest in a boisterous crowded
tavern,travellers sit amidst the evening’s
roar and clatter at tables heaving
with fullbrimmed cups of wine,where
merchants,traders and artisans of the
hustling,bustling busy city have the
whole night in which to drown
the day’s sorrows in;

A day for for the travellers best
forgotten,a day filled with doubts
and regrets and shreds of gossip
and idle tales recounted and
refracted through a glowing prism
of yet more wine;

“he said nothing ?”,”some heard him
deny everything over and over again”
and so on and so on,on into
an uncertain new dawn;

Leaving early the travellers continue
on their way,what could there be
left for them to look forward to,
on the road,
to Emmaeus ?

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    I cringed when I saw the Biblical title, wondering if you were going to tear the verses up along with my feelings. So many do. I am so glad I steeled my resolve and read what you had to say. Your first 8 lines colored in the scenery with the hustle-bustle, the clatter and loud voices “at tables heaving with their fullbrimmed cups of wine”. Those 9 words put me there inside that tavern so simply and so well. Then your closing lines –hah, closing lines indeed to the questions and the sorrows–are perfect in demonstrating the art of prequel, leaving the reader to wonder and look forward to what you would do with the scene on the road.

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