Loving Life

If Love is meant to be, it shall be

One is not to fret about it!


If Love is True, it shall prove itself

One should never fight for it!


If Love is meant to stay, it shall!

Its stay will simply flow like a steady current!


If Love is meant to grow, it will!

All you would need to, is to water it everyday!


Why, Love is at it is

Love does not bid us to lose ourselves while engaged in it

Love does not bid us to lose our dignity

Our self value

Our self respect

Our own space

Our personality

Or even our Time!


Love, if it is meant to be,

Shall be!

If not,

One should simply open one’s heart

To welcome the warmth that the world offers to us!


Love is in all of us,

Love is not meant to be selfish


Requires selflessness from all of us


Requires a golden heart,

A generous and a compassionate soul

A caring gaze

And a tender mind!



Life is simply a child,

Yes, it is!

Love it, it shall love you back

Feed it, it shall grow

Show it that you care, it shall reward you back!


In the very end

Love does be

Love does be, everywhere

All the time!

Yes, just open the windows of your heart

And let the mysteries of life fill in it!

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