Love’s Warmth

That warmth, seen both in your eyes

And felt in your hands,

That warmth, I wish to be drowning in it

Always and forever

As if, it were my life’s very own breath

And my heartbeats depended upon it

To survive, in a world which belongs not to me!

That warmth can calm my pulsating fires

Fires set ablaze by the sparks of your presence

Then when I first heard your voice!

Pray, is this all about the meaning of love?

Meanwhile, while anticipating of things yet to come,

I rely on the power of faith, on the strength of the visions of my dreams

And on the cool companionship of the glowing moon!

That warmth, for it, I shall let go of my ferocious armor,

I shall throw away my swords,

Break the walls surrounding my heart

And release, in the air, my soul, free and delighted,

At last, to finally allow itself to merge in that warmth!

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