Love’s Tribute

I still remember the first time the skies whispered to me
The secrets of my love story with you
They engraved in both my heart and my mind
The many past lives we had lived already
Imbibed with enough passion pulsating loudly
As to cause even the great Mumtaz to turn all green!

I still remember the first poem I wrote in ode to that love
Eternal words, meant for a story which shall surpass Death
It was one laden with the sweetness of the pain of separation
Even if I had not known then that someday, fate would have given me opportunities
To re-unite with you,
In this same life!

I still remember the first time I saw you
It was then that I felt the skies plunging into my body
And placing my heart there where it should be!
I still remember the flood that rushed through me,
The tugs that ignited the flames of sensual sins in me
And the butterflies that flew all over me
Making me so confused and so nervous
About what was happening to me!

I still remember the night the skies whispered your name to me
I had prayed,
I had prayed all alone, in an empty bedroom
Asking to have the veil obstructing my gaze towards my path
Be removed and be burnt
I had prayed
And the skies had deemed it worthy to answer me
As to have me wake and realise
That that which I thought was a sin
Was in fact wanted by the whole Heavens!

Pray, I do worry of my secrets, of my floods and of my butterflies
I worry about whether they shall keep thriving and blossoming into artefacts
Meant to be revered as the very essence of our mysteries
Or whether they shall die out of sheer sadness due to your indifference!

Still, I remain tied to the skies
Just as I remain tied to you
And whatever you do choose to thrust upon me
I shall accept, with utmost humility and silence!

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