Love’s strong

I extinguished their words,
they watched agape as she sang ‘I do!’

I broke protocol,
and kissed lovingly at public,

for the first time disobeyed her conservative parents,
and eloped with me to where people are with foreign accents,

I was forced to compromise diversity,
and dated across my tribe,

she just had to smile,
and love back when i did.

i fell for her,
regardless of her dark past,

now I breath her every second,
and protect her like the pupil in my eye,

no much explanation for this,
only that love is strong.

3 thoughts on “Love’s strong

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    The poem ,” Love’s strong ” , marks out Jobale’s skills as a poet/lyricist. He addresses some remarkably deep social and cultural issues with a concise structure and commendable lightness of touch . I am sure that most readers are unfamiliar with the precise details that inspired this poem . I would be interested to know a little more of the background to the lines such as , ” dated across my tribe ” and ” people with foreign accents “, ” her dark past ” is also intriguing.

  2. jobale wihnope

    thnks Louis for your kind comment,..
    ‘dated across my tribe’ is a clause that puts to light the conservative nature of some old school parents who believe good patners can only be found in the same ethnic group.
    ‘her dark past’ is put to depict the defiance of true love when propped against trivial emerging issues such as your partners past or background.
    ‘eloped with me to where people are with foreign accents’,…I placed it there to show the exteng to which protecting love can go..the girl actually didn’t find it hard to go with me to wherever,.

  3. Louis Kasatkin

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