Love’s Stand

Skies have been seeming to be gorgeous

Birds’ songs have been seeming to be so pleasant

Children running and playing have been seeming to represent innocence

And Life, in all this,

However harsh and cruel it can get,

Has been seeming to be like an exhilarating rollercoaster ride

On sparkling and colorful clouds!

All of this is merely because you stand,

In my vision,

You stand, as a God sent angel,

An angel filling my soul with flows and flows of divine nectar

That which I have been missing ever since I fell on Earth!

Pray, Love,

With you, life is an evergreen forest,

Thriving and blooming all year round,

With rivers giggling as they go along

And flora dancing joyfully all the while

And fauna being ever thankful for having been taken birth!

With you, faith’s meaning is restored,

As the cause of our fall is known

The story of our bond stands firm

And the promise of our eternal after life remains there,

In front of us, waiting for us to pluck it

As if, it were a ripe fruit on a fully laden tree!

Don’t doubt the essence of the mysticism that surrounds us both

Never doubt it,

Rather, believe in it

And respond to it,

As existing in a confusing world is bound to get even more confusing

While existing in a medium

Which shall allow you to rule the Cosmos

Is bound to have your trust and your belief in faith restored!

I pray that life keeps seeming to be as soothing as it has been since

I pray that it gets even more comforting and sweet

I pray,

To be able to look into your eyes on dark nights,

And see there, the reflection of the moon

As it blushes faced with the fervour of our passion!

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