Love’s Appearance

A hidden smile
A blushing sparkle
A torrential awakening of senses
An awakening to that which remains
As beautiful as a raging sea!

A hidden smile
A sudden intake of breath
A moment lost in reviving another moment
It would seem
That life does bestow berries upon open mouths
Even if sometimes,
It deems it best to sprinkle the juices
Of sour lemons in those same mouths!

A sudden outpour of sweat
A heart beating way too loud
A loss of control over feminine rushes
The meaning of life has already been sculpted
In our fates
Should we try to avoid it
It would pull us harder towards it
Should we try to forsake it
It would thrust itself back at us
As if, it were a boomerang
Which we have thrown with our own hands!

A hidden smile
Lamenting gasps
Teary eyes, laden with tormented submissions
When Love flies over us all
And sprinkles over us
It’s pure dewy waters
Does living not suddenly feel harmonious?

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