Lovers By The Sunset

I dream of a place so serene and peaceful
As the sun sets over the distant horizon
Waves dancing as I sit reminiscing by the shoreline
Over warm white sand,

With only the echoes of seagulls’ flapping wings over the sea
Giving me utter solace and company.

Splashes of orange hues mixing with a yellowish tinge
Envelopes my being
Casting away bouts of despair,
I’ll be writing you lyrics for a wonderful song
As my mind drifts away and think of you
Looking at the same sunset at the other end.

You’ll be the rhyme and reason for every word that I bleed
Your love is an enchanting music breathing life into my soul
And as the day starts to bid adieu, in my dreams hoping once again to see you
I await for the perfect time I lay my naked eyes on you my love,
Caress your sculptured face as I intently look into your mesmerizing brown eyes
And lock you up in a tight embrace as if there’s no tomorrow.

I walked a few steps as a gentle breeze sets in
And heard small birds serenading me
Picked up a sea shell, lift it up to my ears
Yearning to hear your sweet voice
Together with the sound of splashing waves
As I feel the soothing calmness of such a heavenly sanctuary.

I spread my arms wide enough as if
I’ll be preparing to fly high to reach you
And be amazed at such magnanimous
Grandeur to behold right in front of my eyes,
I’ll be blowing warm kisses and let the wind carry them
To bring them to you from a distance.

Elizabeth E. Castillo Copyright 2012

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2 thoughts on “Lovers By The Sunset

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Lovers by the Sunset ” , is as joyous and effervescent a poem as I have had the pleasure to read in a long time. The line , ” I’ll be writing you lyrics for a wonderful song “, captures the Broadway Musical sweep of the entire piece.


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