Lover’s Moon

Look at me, lost in deep waters
on an on, stirred by obsessive thrills
vaporized by a single smile
emerged from the stillness of thy heart

Intrigued at first by this fever
Streaming along my every cell

Bored at last
Living with my furies
Intoxicated, floating on everybody’s lips
Nothing to hurt any more
Dying, a preferable option
Nothing left to breathe in this volcano
Equestrian sculpture of lover stabbed in the heart
Strong bitter taste in my mouth
Sweet kisses’ lace on thy caramel skin

2 thoughts on “Lover’s Moon

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    If poems were liquid this latest infusion from Iulia clearly exceeds boiling point in its opening two lines.The careful reader might note that the steam finally begins to clear at the end.

  2. iuliagherghei

    Steam is good for the sinuses… I am under treatment as we speak for sinusitis… that explains the heavy atmosphere in this poem 🙂 Thank you so much, Louis Kasatkin!!!

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