Love song

What Radha said ~

I was threading a string of pearls
You tossed jasmine buds my way
In those sidelong glances I caught your eye
You stole my heart, invaded my breast 

A flush of joy in my heart’s home
You made gestures, I caught your hint
Your charm and visage, like a lamb I followed 
A pleasurable mixture, I shiver with fear

My blouse you tore open,baring my pitchers
A spray of nail marks on my breasts

Roseate Sonnet, I write to garland thee, my Lord
Our fathomless love ~ tells a tale
Sari O’ mine flutters revealing great beauty
Erect hairs, drops of sweat drip with labor of love.


Footnote: this is a type of sonnet specially designed by Dr.Ampat Koshy..  one can find two quatrains and a couplet followed by a quatrain framing ROSE with its initial letters

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