Love So Tall

I woke this morning

Without a thought, a song, a care

Until a figure there you stood

And kneeled in silent prayer.


I found my thoughts just drifting

To when once small we were –

Climbing trees so tall

Until we had a fall.


So drifting thoughts, and memories

Encourage all to care

About others so less fortunate –

That we too go down in prayer.


Please bless us all dear Father

Up high, in Heaven above –

To Love, Protect and bless us

To show we love, and care.


For everyone who silently yearns

And cries and prays –

For strength to carry on, one more day

All burdens, wants, and dreams unknown.


To those around who mock and taunt

And shed an evil glare –

Beware my friend, your turn shall come

You will not get me down.


For Love of Christ, my Saviour

Doth Protect and Love us all –

No matter what ‘er our station

What counts is ‘Love So Tall’.


© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2012

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