Love of gray times.

Running your fingers  through my  tresses,

Tresses that   have  grayed with time,

You search  for  stars, while 

My   eyes anxiously  follow  your  penetrating  gaze,

To spot any disappointment which may be mine.

Burying   your face in them, you  whisper,

‘The stars though camouflaged with time  ,

Still retain   their dazzling  shine,

And I am ready  to  live through thousand  hells

to keep them  in the world of   mine.’

A warm drop, just  then ,

Touches and streams  down  my  nape,

And I knew those lips

 hadn’t faked a single line.

@ Bilquis Fatima.

10 thoughts on “Love of gray times.

  1. Pushmaotee Subrun

    ‘Love of Gray Times’…brings a certain warmth in our feelings …being assured of love is really healing and helps immensely to keep us going through hard times…lovely ink!

    And I knew those lips

    hadn’t faked a single line.

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