Love Notes…

In the sanctum of my heart like sweetness you live,
Seeping into me between petaled kisses and words,
Finding you within me and around, Chorded to you,
In a bond beyond mind, nailing with your own sword .

I call you back soulfully through my sacred conch,
Bidding you to make me, take me and break me…
Having come to know you – My own reality,
Your proclamations takes me to the helm of joy.

Punishing departures are crushing my soul,
But only to mold it into the strongest armor,
In this enlightened circle, this plane of thoughts,
that deftly snips away all the jealous poison.

You speak to me in such love that tramples all doubt,
Like a mystic I seek your path that rebounds to my heart.

-shashikala sasidharan
All rights(c) reserved as on 11/11/2014


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About Shashikala Sasidharan Elambakkattu

Shashikala S. is Post Doctoral Research Fellow at Rutgers University, USA working on developmental genetic and cellbiology. She has a doctorate in Proteomics and Cell Biology (Bio-technology) from Rajiv Gandhi Centre of Biotechnology (DBT), INDIA. And is actively involved with academic research, but poetry and painting are her passion. She writes on the realms of cosmic spirituality,nature's mysticism and egalitarian philosophy. Her poems have been published Kannur University Magazine, Tellicherry, Kerala and in anthologies 'Resonance" by "Poets Artists Unplugged" and "Across The Way" and at

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