Love in the time of Corona

Today is a special day, my love.
From the kitchen to the living room
in a rigmarole you move.
Fear breaks in through the window
stealthily stealing all celebrations.
Cock a snook at travel plans!!
The second wave is on….
Blowing invisible bubbles, filling the air
sweeping round the corner
fear takes a long look.
My eyes turn red or not?
Are there blushing rashes on the skin
like black weeds on a manicured lawn?
Ants move silently, lugging at
crumbs of our paranoid selves
to holes of death traps.
Incarcerated, walled in,
clinging onto our togetherness,
bickering at times and patching up
we flow and drift with the
gasping life outside.
Our celebration begins and ends
over a cup of sugarless tea.
Running eyes through the black letters
on a white paper, we murmur
a worn out, tattered ‘thank you’
to tinkling voices of love
wishing ‘Happy Anniversary’
from far beyond closed doors.

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About Madhumathy R

Former Professor of English from Kochi, India. Holds doctoral degree in African literature; loves to read and write poems; has published poems in journals and would like to engage in discussions on literary themes.

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