Love, as it was!

Eyes closed,

I feel my wings unfold and take me

There, to that mystical land

Where I lived in my previous birth

By the side of Love!

Pray, as I sit, on the banks of the river,

Watching people flock to temples

As priests diligently perform their rites

I can not help but allow my heart to melt!

Pray, could Love have been that angered

As to have caused me to be fallen

In a sea of uncertainty

Where the lands hide marshy grounds

In which carnivorous beasts roam?

Why, eyes closed,

I let the tunes of the snake charmer fill me up

Like the snake, I dance, entranced, to life’s sways

Like the snake, I remain enslaved to the charmer’s will

Still, eyes closed,

My heart flutters

And recreate Love as I deem it was,

In my previous life!



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