Love and Self

As far from the slumber

I see the Fairlight of tower

Searching the survivor

Grasping the steps of corridor

Light falls on the self

Beats up and down the blood

Raising the hearts by winds

Arising the light within

Hearts opened up the joy

Bliss flows and fills the thirst

Like Oceans Shading the places

Winds blowing them close to hearts

Lost the self Differed by layers

Melting the ego and you

Lost whatever I had toiled

What I gained and who gained

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About Rakesh Ramachandran

Life is a journey and Everything in life has a purpose and our identity is the bridge to that purpose. Currently based in Bangalore, India. Welcoming everyone to pass their positive comments. Below lines describe the best in me or the purpose of my life. In the mist of darkness I perceive a ray of light I begin to follow the ray of light In the journey I realize I am the ray of light There ends my life and darkness The ā€œIā€ no longer exists all exists is the ray of light email me at rakeshinnovation [@] Facebook:

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