Lost Innocence

In a child’s eyes
I see my reflection
Staring into a rain soaked puddle
With pointed finger
I erase imperfection

Softly, I smile
It is early September
Memories rain down
From a clouded mind
Do I want to remember?

Sun so bright
Scorching hot
Glistening dew drops
Soft white petals of daisies
He loves me, he loves me not

Lying in the wet grass
I hide close to the ground
Do you seek me? Who do you seek?
Sinking deeper and deeper
I don’t want to be found

Counting to ten
I hear laughter and turn
Where have you gone?
Searching high and low
Hard lessons I learn

Childhood games
Played in a forest so dense
Young hearts run free
Imposing storms move in
Raping their innocence

Stripped bare
Like a tree in the cold
Look into my soul
Angry and disillusioned
I feel so old

1 thought on “Lost Innocence

  1. Frank Loomer

    Wow… been enjoying your work… you conjure all kinds of things for me with this and your other poems. I latin line dance same place as your mom. I was thinking this poem is soo about disillusionment, a theme dear to the Romantics if i remember rightly, and of course, my wish was to suggest to the person being given voice not to take it so much to heart, save some pain. Then, if that happened, what would the poem then be? Something different? of course! I’ve also sometimes wondered about that idea of loss of innocence myself… do you think it’s real or something of an illusion? Check out Augustine’s Confessions… near the beginning i think, his take on infancy. Innocence … was it the Romantics indeed who if they didn’t invent it brought it to the fore again after such rough treatment of human nature by those caught up in European Christianity?

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