Lord of the Rings ( Part I )

Long years ago in a country

far far away begins the story ,

of Hobbits , Elves, Dwarves and Men

and their quest for the power and glory .


In their sleepy abodes

Half-ling folk were stirred ,

when out of legend from the East

came forth a troubling word.


As rumours spread abroad

of the Ring once lost by its Lord ,

the tranquil airs of the Shire were broken

when they realised what was sought was no mere token .


The lidless eye again made keen

the four-fingered hand ever stretching ,

to seize hold of that which Sauron

commanded Wraiths to thereof do the fetching .


Days waiting in the Shire drew to a close

with Gandalf gone South and Bilbo long since departed ,

Frodo set forth on an adventure

not for the faint hearted .


( To Be Continued )




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