Lord of the Rings ( Part 2 )

Then on to Bree

there to encounter a stranger ,

who knew of their quest

and warned them of the danger .

Ensconsed at the ” Prancing Pony ”

with a once and future King ,

the company made plans for their journey

to get to Rivendell with the Ring.

Rumours of the Black Riders

and a growing menace with out ,

hastened their departure

and rid them of doubt.

On to Rivendell by way of Weathertop

Hobbits learned from Strider about the past ,

and whilst they made shelter

Ringwraiths came upon them fast.

They inflicted on the Ring-bearer a mortal wound

whilst fire and sword put them to flight ,

the company was forced to press on regardless

even as Frodo sank into twilight.

Footnote :You may wish to see also ” Lord of the Rings ( Part 1 ) “.

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