Long lost original

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Long lost original

Me becoming another shadow, transplanting
the heart to it, throwing
The original into time’s waste-bin
Knowing not where your original lies
I lived with your shadows and shades
Those floating on the water,
Ravenous, tempestuous, of life
Long, short, bent, knotted, crooked, and
Dark, grey, dim, light – but all sans
With the colour and fragrance of living

Somewhere I thought I heard “Eureka”
In erupted exaltation of loving you
Galloping, me, to follow those shadows
Through the murky furrow of time
Wading away wayside glimpses of reality
Dissolving the epic centre of all happenings within
When the iron shaft of mad love screwed to it
Closing vents for fresh air and cool breeze
Of colourful dreams dancing in trance

Nothing could debilitate heart’s dogma called love

I saw the evanescent galactic dance of illusion
When my heart, whose ganglion is infected,
Discarded my original irrecoverably long back

Here am I in a world of shadows, where
Originals are only to mother them
How far away is the eternity that
The death shall emancipate the original!


(pic digital graphics by me)

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