Lonely Luna

she shrugs off
her dark billowy gown
which settles gently down
as another velvety night

rising in all her bare beauty
her face aglow
muse to poets
music to lovers
tears to the heartbroken
dreams to the sleeping
but none see
the abundance of love
behind her shining demeanor

for centuries she’s
worshiped him from afar
content to merely reflect his light
suppressing her own
fearing the anger of the gods

she senses his love for her
in the warmth he leaves behind
as he slips away at dusk

and when love overpowers
breaking down resistances
she goes to him
in complete surrender
he holds her close
in an eclipse
but not for long, as
she is forced to move again
the tides may reach for her
but time refuses to halt

when solitude stings her appollonian eyes
she slips behind a cloud
to wipe a tear or two
emerging calm and composed
she sails across the night sky
with a feigned smile

dawn arrives in myriad hues of gold and orange
proclaiming his arrival
she sighs, knowing she has to leave
donning her nightgown
she disappears beyond the hills yet again

another lonely night
has passed.

Elizabeth Kuriakose

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About Elizabeth Kuriakose

A hectic career as a banker and looking after family kept me busy for ages. Quit my job to look after family. Once the children were old enough to take care of themselves, I discovered my love for writing in late 2014. Words in poetry or prose have been my constant companion thence on.

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