Live, with the joy of it!

Pray, do you, as man or woman of the Earth

Need so much money to live as you wish to

Do you need to amass to such an extent

That your assets overflow

And your bank balance explodes?


Why, when this world simply wishes to see us awaken

When this world simply wishes us to fly over its flowers

As butterflies do, pining and thirsting for nectar

Pray, of what use is amassing tons of materialistic wealth

When, in the very end,

We are to leave everything behind

While we step up on the stairway of Existence

To follow our fated destiny!


Having too much of greed remains the dark cloud looming over us

It hinders our happiness

And preys upon us, like a mighty dragon

Seeking solely to thrust upon us,

Its dreary fire, bringing about our own fall!


Nearly half of the problems of this world

Arise out of the need to have, to own, to possess,

So as to be accepted by the rest of the lot

Yet, even if our aim and our meaning remain blurred

We are to remember that our bodies are not even ours

Our names are illusory and are meant to be shed off

When the calling for our soul is heard!


Pray, when such is so

Why run after the impossible

Why seek its false pleasures

Why wear out your innocent heart?

Live, yes, live,

Live as butterflies do

Caring solely to immerse yourself in the fragrance of flowers

Live as moths do

Caring solely to drown yourself in the blinding light

Live as water does

Free and fluid but flowing always where it is meant to

Live as air does

Carefree and of good use to all human beings

Live as the sun does

Warm and much needed for survival

Pray, live

Live, with the joy of it

And let others live as well!

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