Live Now

Isn’t birth precious?

As a child,
You followed your heart
Without much thought
And let your life live:
Without confusion and fear,
With curiousness and alertness,
Not knowing that you don’t know much.

There was joy
And enormous spirit
In you.

As an adult,
You are following your mind
To win someone’s thought
And let your life live:
With confusion and fear,
Without enthusiasm and feeling,
Not knowing that you are unique.

Working on things,
Knowing, you don’t know much.
Heart has become heavy,
Leaving you in melancholy.
Is this the he[art] of living?

There is no joy In your eyes
And the radiance is lost,
What you had in your birth,
The gift of God.

Take a moment,
Look into your heart,
Stop listening to your thought,
Heart waiting for your YES To let you know,
You know something unique.

To take your Passion and ambition,
To the world.

To fade your grudges free
And lets you be a dynamic You.

There will be happiness
In your journey,
Failures will not stop you,
Success will not leave you alone.
Your eyes will be full
Of radiance and ever be curious.

Be Dynamic
and Live Now!

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About Ramesh Anand

Ramesh Anand authored Newborn Smiles, a book of haiku poetry published by Cyberwit.Net Press. His haiku has appeared in many publications, across 11 countries, including Bottle Rockets Press, ACORN, Magnapoets, The Heron's Nest, Simply Haiku and Frogpond. His Haiku has been translated in German, Serbian, Japanese, Croatian and Tamil. His short verses have been honored by Muse India, Voicesnet and Boloji. He has been nominated and shortlisted for Muse India's young writer award for 2012. he blogs at

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  1. Louis Kasatkin

    I think ” Live Now ! ” has an interesting narrative voice , but I’m not altogether persuaded that the poem’s verse structure works it to best effect.The last two lines at present don’t actually add anything and ! in poems ought to be avoided.

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