Live And Let Live

Assortment is there in all nature,

It means the excellence of nature.

Variegated feelings are constantly,

 More excellent and beguiling.

Adds taste to dull and devastate human life.

The pith of majority rule considering.

Regimentation, uniformity and likeness,

Are the traits of a Dictatorial,

 And Fascist state of mind.

Brutalities and oppressions on the planet

For the sake of religion, country, race and standing

 Guiltless individuals tormented and mangled.

 little kids and ladies not been saved.

Following the time

 When the making of this world,

The poor creatures have borne

 The brunt of human fury.

By serving others,

We serve our own selves.

In the welfare of other,

Rests our own particular welfare,

 All our heavenly books, prophets,

 And well-wishers of humankind,

lecturing us to practice this perfect.

The world can be worth living,

just in the event that we follow up on this guideline.


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