Little Birdie

Little birdie cracks its egg
to breathe in open air.
It likes its nest, mommy bird
and siblings next to hers.
She sees her wings,
moves them gently,
their use she wants to learn.
And in the sky,
she wants to fly,
high and high and high.
Ma realizes and emboldens
little birdie to flutter around
and one day comes,
she finds the sky
and soar so high in blue.
She senses the wind,
touches the clouds,
acquaints with scorch of sun,
perches here and there
and sings her twittery song
She can’t express
how she feels,
she can only tell
‘God has made a world for me
so vast and beautiful,
all is mine, I so admire
let me only fly
and discover my God’s realm.
But in vain she thinks so much
this world is not for her.
Some eyes are there
who always stare,
spread the traps for her.
She is caught in mesh
and moved to a cage,
her sky is taken away.
‘Oh my wings are not to fly
they can only flutter
flurry and flap and whirr
until this cruel world is
wrought with selfish folks’
Then she dies a soundless death
with unquenched dreams
in her eyes……

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About aashi

Aashi Husain alias Fatima Afshan is a teacher by profession. She lives in India. Several of her poems have been published in anthologies like 'The Aquillrelle Wall of poetry book five and six', 'Umbilical Chords', 'The Divine Madness', The Dawn Beyond Waste', Colours of Refuge' etc.Apart from poetry, she likes to write short stories and articles too. She writes in Hindi, and Urdu languages also.

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  1. Maya Dev

    Nicely composed feelings of excitement,anxiety,reality. Last 3 lines touching…Keep it up and welcome to Destiny Poets family Aashi 🙂

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