Limbericking Up

I used to write verse when inspired
But now I think I’ve been rewired
I write to command
As challenges demand
And after that I feel quite tired

And when I am done being tired
I come back in new hope attired
By then a new challenge
I can somehow manage
So far I’ve escaped being fired

I wonder if I can be hired
To write poemlets when desired
But then I shut up
Lest folk feel cut up
And the poems in some mess are mired

I look at this jig fore and aft
And I hope I am honing my craft
Though when I exercise
Meter to be precise
The results are quite often quite daft

O what lengths we go to to prove poets !
As if not already smug all- know- its !
Just to get approvals
From other know-it-alls
Get pushed round the table like cruets !

( Amita Acushla Ahluwalia )

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