Like a silent frost…

Have you noticed how red the winter skies are?
Every night the mad man across the street is screaming
His voice brings terror in my veins

Have you noticed how bloody the winter skies are?
The rusty voice is cracking the frost of a forgotten nightmare
The madman shreds to pieces our souls with his tormented howls

Have you noticed the reddish mark on the winter sky?
The incandescence brings hope of warmth to my being
The mad man across the street has glassy glee in his eyes
like a silent frost…

4 thoughts on “Like a silent frost…

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Like a silent frost…” , ( just when you thought it was safe to start reading Iulia’s wonderfully captivating and ensnaring poetry…) The Twilight Zone meets Scandinavian crime fiction.


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