I’m standing in the doorway

Of my prison,

Music language guiding me,

Half in, half out,

Confined to my mysterious path

Of vivid details.

I strive to be imperfectly perfect

In a showy way,

Elated by inky voice

And my restless page.

The rejuvenating power of words

On my body-

My ticket to the mundane paradise

Of God and imagination-

Erotically bewildered

By its sweet flowing

Down my veins,

Flooding head, heart,

Bringing fingertips to life.


2 thoughts on “Light

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Light ” is a sensuous exposition of what it means to be a Poet. It captivates the reader, ensnaring them in the artfully layered and deftly nuanced heart of its mystery.


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