“Light of Life”

Is it you
Are you the one
That is filled with me?
Is it you
That should have crept in
From the start.
Where from did
The helter – skelter tide
Of love hit me?
My remorse
My passions
All buried and done,
With weaker limbs
Did I not forget to exist?
Sullen and pale
I did roam the empty streets
Devouring candies of bitterness
Like oozing beer can
Your flow in me
Gushed out the scuffle marks.
The virtue of being
Living and existing
Cremated once
Now erupts with jubilation.
Your lashes have strengthened my stagnant limbs
Your hands have smothered my pitiful punctures
You are disguised as me.
Revelations never end.
And here I am
Sniffing your musk
And walking behind you
To the light called love
Love – for a woman like you!

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