Life Matters

Miffed at a minute microcosm
Humanity huddled in a hole
Praying for propitious intervention
Clutching close, the bits and the whole.
Life Matters.
Isn't it!
A soul stifled under the power-knee
Stirring nations to angry agitations.
Sending warnings loud and clear
'N voicing virulent protestations.
Life Matters.
Yes...! It does!
The trusting tusker - a being benign
To human treachery its life it laid
Life within life, God within Goddess
No ranting regrets, no hands in prayer raised.
Life Matters.
Does it?

9 thoughts on “Life Matters

  1. amitapaul

    Welcome once again to Destiny Poets , Narinder Jit Kaur .

    You have beautifully encapsulated some recent events in the three stanzas of your engaging poem and reminded your readers that life matters . We all need to be reminded today of the simple principle of Live and Let Live .


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