My essence spawned in a sunflower
And I opened my eyes
To blinding sunlight,
Enjoying its warmth upon my body,
Licking my lips at the way the winds 
Teased my hair
And giggled out loud
When the skies poured rain drops over me
Merely to wash my sins off me!

My essence outgrew the sunflower
And one fine day
I felt the need to jump out of it
To seek for myself,
A place which would feel like home!

As soon as I stepped on Earth's soils
I met the four directions!
North bid me to tread on its way
As upon it,
I would discover growth, evolution,
Modernity and a fast way of living!
South held my hands in his
And bid me to discover its oceans,
Its wilderness, its unexplored flora
And its peace of mind!
East smiled and promised me new dawns
Laden with hope and positivity,
All which I would need to gather enough
Strength to be able to reach out and
Touch the sun itself!
West was sure I would enjoy its sunsets,
While lazy waves would lap on crystal beaches
As well as the sight of clear nights
Decorated by shiny stars
Which would urge me to try to write
Poetry with their twinkling incandescence!

And when I asked what would I find more
They all answered that I would meet with Death
And that such formed part of Life!

I sat and reflected upon my would be choice
Before deciding to blindfold myself,
And I revolved upon myself for several long minutes
Before finally walking the way I ended up on
If Existing in whichever direction
Has to come to an ending
Why should I even try to choose anything
That makes it up?
Better it is
To keep my demands simple
And to keep my palms open in front of me
While walking whichever way
It willed me to!

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  1. Amita Paul

    A very interesting perspective on some fundamental ethical and philosophical questions such as Pre- Determination versus Free Will , Kismet versus Karma and so forth

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