Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,
Heart pounding, teeth clenching,
My energy nearly spent and my eyes squinting
Out of being tearful, I sit and open my diary
To write to you about the sparkles that I wish
To see rekindled in the gaze of our Earth,
And in those of her many children for the coming years!

Dear Santa,
We are all aware of how trivial, ephemeral
And unpredictable life in our realm is,
Yet, dutiful to our fates, or to ourselves,
We always welcome new dawns
With a fresh intake of breath and we pick up our swords
To wage our way through the battlefields that have been
Designed for us!

I have been good, yes, of that be reassured,
I have been selfless, honest, trustworthy
And I have tried, as much as possible,
To tattoo smiles upon the faces of those who
Crossed my path,
Even if the image that I projected of myself
Was that of a lone warrior carrying upon her shoulders,
Her shiny sword!

And for the coming years Santa, I wish to be gifted
With possibilities to look out of my window
From my secluded tower and smile, from the depths of my heart
For the happenings of the world, so light and ambient in essence
Would wake up the fragrant poetic inspiration that dozes peacefully in me!
And for that to happen, Santa,
You would have to scatter, during your nocturnal visit,
In each and everyone of us
So that we hold out hands to help each other cross seas
And climb mountains!
Glorifying each other, there would no more be inequality,
Famine, starvation, poverty and unhappiness!
Also, I ask you to blow over us all, the winds of Peace
So that the world seeks not to shed the blood
Of those who are different from it, bearing rather, on its soul,
The crown of tolerance and acceptance and consequently,
War would simply be a perception of the past,
Unknown to those who simply wish to make of their stay
Upon its soils, one worthy of a vacation in a most prized resort!

I also wish to see more antidotes spawning from the wombs of science
All worthy of being strong shields
Against the invisible enemy
That has been reaping lives since quite some time now!
Yes Santa,
I seek to see a new world at the light of the coming year,
A world which knows that it deserves respect
Merely because it gives it out in the first place,
A world, Santa, where each one fits in their shoes,
Feeling an inner harmony at the oceans that thrive in them,
And being, thus,
At ease with what has already been preordained for them all!
Dear Santa, I wish it to be that, from my window, I see
Melodies delightful and heart warming
Emerging from the essence of one and all for as long as I would live!

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