Letter to my future

Can you imagine what you would have been like
If the winds had chosen another direction,
If my dreams had come true
And love had been returned to me,
In a most sincere and loyal way?

Can you imagine that you would have been
The blank pages upon which I would have written
Of my story, imbibed with the divine and the mystical,
Made of butterflies flying over roses, even if they
Remain aware that these are adorned with thorns!

Can you just picture it,
You would have opened for me,
The gates leading to the world gifted to only a few,
And I would have met with your challenges
As bravely as would have a gamer, playing
Virtually, trying find her way back home,
In a world so hostile that even creepers and plants
Can be imbibed with the breath of Death!

Can you just try to imagine,
That you would have allowed me not a rebirth,
At least not here, even if you behold a beautiful world,
Rather, I would meet with those forces that
Have always guided me, in ways so subtle
That my consciousness can still not understand of their

Can you just imagine how beautiful you would have been?
But you are not yet born
And the embryo that you are right now
Is sick and porous,
So much that I will have to abort you
And try to live while making myself believe
That I shall not need you, never ever!

2 thoughts on “Letter to my future

  1. amitapaul

    A deeply emotional and imaginative poem with a tragic end which jolts the reader. The poem is technically written in the Apostrophic style which occurs when a writer or speaker addresses a person or entity who is dead, absent, or inanimate to start with.


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