Let’s erase the world

Let’s erase the world,

Of blunt satire and murky desire,

Shamelessly living in hue and cry,

Of blazing tortured fire,


Let’s erase the world,

Of brutalized trust and inhumane lust,

Filthiest treatment of bodies,

Philanthropic pain of dying soul in rust,


Let’s erase the world,

Of sham emotions and hungry regressions,

Vended soul criticizes price,

Of enticing demotions and bloody suppressions,


Let’s erase the world,

Of blind eyes and precarious sighs,

Minutely examined busted hopes,

Of ferociously detonating cries,


For the sake of enhanced version,

Where humanity isn’t curled,

Hoping for a chaste resurrection,

Let’s erase the world

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Diwakar Pokhriyal is a writer by passion. He has written 10 poetry books and 1 short story collection which is published. He has been a part of 64 anthologies/magazines with writers around the world. His works are also included in various websites. He is also a part of "Limca Book of Records - 2015" as he participated in "Synthesis - The First book on duet poetry". He has won “Poiesis Award for Excellence in Literature-2014” for his short story. With a touch of music in him, he is also a member of the GRV Band as a rhythm guitarist and songwriter. The songs can be enjoyed on You tube channel of GRV Band.

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