Let The Womb Hold

Grown alike the full moon
Adorned in hues – multiplied
Dazzled her eyes –
Unanimously grinned the lips

Gazing – the loaded cloud
She mesmerized
Of that, she advanced
Sailing along a non-terminated
Voyage prolonged
Since – she originated
A tiny zygote
Fed from the core
Her blood
Drop by drop

She felt
She spent long
Lengthy nights – numberless
Awaited to pacify thirst
Cuddling close – her extended throbs
Her eyes brightened
At the sight unseen

Thence, the darkest smoke
She oversees – on the dusty island
Populated by wolves

She repudiates to open
The gates –
Hearing cries numerous

She pleads to let her hold
The bud about to anchor

Known of unbridled monstrous desires_
Sinful, lustrous appetite_
Of those hungry crocodiles’ bellies
Scratch infants thighs.

©® Naheed Akhtar
Copyright reserved

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