Let me Dream

Can I close my eyes and see.
The one that used to lie with me.
Go back a little while in time,
To the love that once was mine.
Let me dream.

Just to be with you tonight.
See your smile forever bright.
Feel those arms so warm and tight.
Nothing ever felt so right
Let me dream.

In the weakest hidden part,
bandaged pieces of the heart.
Sometimes tears escape the soul,
In the struggle to feel whole.
Let me dream.


and I will dream of holding you.
All the things we used to do.
Love lit eyes, that followed me,
so many things you helped me see.

Did you know how much you blessed my heart,
and letting go, the hardest part.
Even now, I miss your smile.
Let me be,
to dream awhile.

Philippians 1:3,
‘I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.’

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